5 Best MTZ Themes for MIUI & HyperOS Devices


5 Best MTZ Themes for MIUI & HyperOS Devices

MTZ Themes are the custom theme designed by the third-party developer for Xiaomi. If the Official Download Link doesn’t work or the Theme is deleted from the Official Themes App, you can easily download MIUI Themes MTZ from other third-party sites like miuithemes.net. Here we have offered you the best MTZ themes.

Also, to make it easy and give the best themes for customization, we have highlighted the top 5 Best MTZ Themes. These themes are not available in the Themes Store App. So, you have to download it from our server to install and apply it.

Best MTZ Themes for MIUI & HyperOS

One of the best things about MTZ Themes is that it’s more customized/than other regular themes. One of the main reasons for the lack of availability of this Theme is the unfollowed policy on Xiaomi Themes App. Let me clarify: Xiaomi has limited customization features and settings for any MIUI theme. So, if you want some impressive MIUI Themes, choosing the MTZ Themes is the best way, although the MTZ Themes are limited in numbers.

So now here’s the best MIUI Themes MTZ you can try on your Xiaomi devices for customization.

iOSStarWorld V8.0

iOSStarWorld v8 MIUI Theme
iOSStarWorld v8 MIUI Theme

iOSStarWorld is the prime custom MTZ Theme for Xiaomi. Also, it’s the top MIUI iOS theme. Compared to the number of iOS themes for MIUI, this Theme holds the supreme position with its cool customization features. In this Theme, you will get enough customization options to give you a pure iOS iPhone experience in Xiaomi MIUI.

At first, the themeTheme features cool iOS-style widgets and a lock screen. Also, it is closer to the regular iOS Theme. And on the Home screen, you can find the beautiful clock and weather widget with iOS UI. Likewise, you will get similar iOS App icons in this Theme.

Additionally, this theme’s control centerThemenique and based on iPhone UI. With all these, iOS has a similar experience regarding battery, Wi-Fi, and mobile network icons.

Lord Shiva MTZ Theme

Lord Shiva MIUI Theme
Lord Shiva MIUI Theme

For Xiaomi fans who respect and love the Lord Shiva, it’s one of the perfect themes as of nowTheme. This theme is bThemeon the Dynamic Dark UI with an excellent lock screen and widgets. I love this theme’s clock widget based on the cool UI Themehe perfect animation picture of Lord Shiva as screen wallpaper.

In Homescreen, you will see the beautiful Dynamic Minimal Style App icons. Also, the widgets and layout of the home screen are good. You can add plenty of app widgets (clock, time, calendar, message, telegram, dialer, etc.) to the Home screen using this theme.

For more informatioThemeu can see the profound dark mode UI in the control center and recent and other system apps on your phone like dialer, messaging, settings, etc.

Natplus MIUI Theme

Natplus MIUI Theme
Natplus MIUI Theme

It follows the Dynamic Style Features with cool App icons. The icons of this theme look impressive, andThemewidgets are customizable (but limited). First, the Lockscreen of this theme is outstanding. HereTheme will get the dynamic style widgets on the lock screen.

Similarly, on the Home screen, beautiful App icons are round (MIUI Round Icons). Also, the widgets for calculators, timers, and clocks placed on the Homescreen look more eye-pleasing to your phone. 

With these all, there are minimal changes in the other parts of your phone. You will see minor changes with color effects in your phone’s control center and settings page.

Early Morning Dynamic Theme

Early Morning MIUI Theme

Currently, this theme is also unavailable Themee Theme Store. This theme has impressive widgeThemeaced in the onscreen. With this beautiful onscreen, the theme looks perfect and stThemeg. Here, the lock screen of this theme is filled with widgeThemer the calendar, clock, weather, battery, etc.

For the Home screen, we can find beautiful widgets similar to the lock screen. Also, the app icons look cool but classic. Anyway, it’s one of the best MIUI themes on our side. Furthermore, we can see the other minimal changes in different parts of your phone.

You can notice the changes in the control center, status bar icons, etc. On your phone after applying this Xiaomi MTZ Theme,

Lowui MIUI Theme

Lowui MIUI Theme
Lowui MIUI Theme

It’s the last in our Best MTZ Themes list. This theme is also based on darThemee with dynamic widgets. If you are searching for customizable widget themes, you can try this. This theme features several preThemewidgets to give a premium experience.

At first, the lock screen of this theme is more flexible witThemetomizable widgets for weather, clock, multimedia, etc. On the Home screen, you can see the beautiful Dynamic App icons. Also, you can add customization widgets here.

Additionally, you can see the changes in the control center of your MIUI Device. You will get some different UI experience with color optimization based on your control center type. Also, the changes are seen in battery icons, Wi-Fi, etc.

In concluding remarks, these are the Best MTZ Themes for MIUI & HyperOS you can try. Here, we have mentioned the most customizable and beautiful Themes unavailable in the MI Themes store.


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