Best MIUI Themes for Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS

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Best MIUI Themes for Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS

We know Xiaomi MIUI is reach in terms of customization. Due to this, MIUI is one of the most enormous customizable UI in the Android world. Although this UI has a downside in terms of performance, it’s a true gem for customization. So, most Xiaomi fans are constantly seeking something that is best for the customization of our phones. Due to this, if you are searching for the Best MIUI Themes, here’s for you.

Here, we have updated the Best Themes for MIUI based on its customization features, theme features, performance and others. So, here you will get the latest and most loved top 5 best HyperOS Themes.

Best MIUI Themes for Xiaomi MIUI & HyperOS Devices

Either you are on MIUI or HyperOS, don’t worry. These Best Theme for Redmi & Xiaomi work on any of your Xiaomi phones. With the deep analysis and regular sharing of new themes with our Xiaomi fans, we finally have some surprising themes for you.

Ronix UI MIUI Theme

Ronix UI MIUI Theme
Ronix Theme

Ronix is one of the topmost Xiaomi Theme. This theme is mainly searched with Android MI Themes Fingerprint Lock as it features beautiful charging and fingerprint animation. Suppose you love the fingerprint animation placed on the Lockscreen, which gives you a surprising experience. In that case, can try this theme.

Here, we strongly recommend this theme to you. This theme features a cool charging animation that gives a fantastic UI Experience when you plug it into charging. Likewise, the home screen of this theme also looks impressive.

Based on the RealmeUI App Icons, the theme looks premium, too. Furthermore, the theme features an impressive round model with changes in the control center, status bar and other minimal components.

HyperMax HyperOS Theme

HyperMax MIUI Theme
HyperMax MIUI Theme

You can try this theme if you are still an MIUI user and want to explore the HyperOS Locskcreen. HyperMax MIUI Theme is another of the Best MIUI Themes from our recommendation. This theme is based on the HyperOS UI, so you will get cool HyperOS Depth Effect features here.

At first, the Lockscreen of this theme looks premium with Depth effect widgets. For example, on the Xiaomi HyperOS Device here, you will also get a cool Lockscreen that makes it one of the best UI phones. Similarly, the wallpaper is the plus point in this theme. 

Likewise, the Home screen of this theme also looks premium with cool app icons. As more information is available here, you will get impressive Dynamic Minimal App Icons. Furthermore, the changes are also noticed in this theme’s Control center status bar.



LAYUNG Xiaomi Theme is based on the iOS Modes. For the iOS Lovers, this theme gives some iOS flavor to our Xiaomi users. We can find the iOS Modes experience with cool app widgets in this theme. At first, the lock screen of this theme looks impressive with cool iOS Clock widgets.

Also, you will get a shortcut to the apps in the lock screen here, so you can easily access them from the lock screen. Also, the Homescreen is filled with iOS widgets for Weather and Clock. But here, instead of iOS App Icons, you will get Dynamic App Icons. 

Furthermore, the changes are noted in the control center of this MIUI theme. It’s not impressive, but the control center is based on and looks similar to the default MIUI Control Center without any notable changes. 

Paradise Home Featured Best MIUI Theme

Paradise Home MIUI Theme
Paradise Home MIUI Theme

Paradise Home follows the Dynamic UI Experience. It’s a cool, Dynamic Theme with impressive changes in the lock screen and theme features. This theme comes with an impressive Lockscreen and other modifications. This theme is reachable in terms of app widgets.

At first, the Lockscreen of this theme is quite similar and inspired by the iOS Theme. For example, on the iOS Theme for MIUI, we will get a clock widget with shortcut icons identical to the iPhone’s. Likewise, you can notice the changes on the home screen. Here, the app widgets for the clock and weather are also inspired by an iOS theme. However, the app icons are based on Dynamic UI.

Furthermore, customization is seen in the theme, like in Lockscsreen and Homescren. In this theme, you will get enough customizable widgets. Also, it follows the concept of Dynamic Island, which is impressive.

Sangetel Xiaomi Theme with Dark Mode


It is the latest Xiaomi Theme with a Dark experience. Although it’s a new theme, we recommend it because of its relaxed UI experience. Yes, this theme looks impressive and has cool theme features. There are minimal changes you can explore to get a better UI in your Xiaomi phone.

No more changes, but still, you will get a better experience regarding its lock screen. Also, the Home screen of this theme is quite impressive with big shaped icons and widgets. Yes, the app widgets for clocks and weather are also inspired by iOS widgets here. Anyway, it’s fantastic and provides a better UI experience. 

Furthermore, the app icons are based on Dynamic UI and iOS. It means there’s a combination of iOS & Dynamic App Icons. Also, the changes are noticed in the control center and status bar of this theme.

In conclusion, we have mentioned the best MIUI themes for you. Referencing the customization factors and user experience, we have tried to list the best themes for MIUI & HyperOS for our fans.


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